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Writing, This I Believe Speeches

on October 7, 2011

During the summer, I attended a Leadership Training Camp (LTC). The theme for that conference, was This I believe. We were asked to write a speech conveying our beliefs on the last night there.We were asked to call upon our four core beliefs. I was torn between writing about Acceptance or Friendship. I asked myself though, acceptance of what? Of everything? Of anything? Of what? So decided on friendship, the conference had changed my opinion of it. Before, I already had a strong sense and belief in my friendship with my best friend. But, attending that conference with her, was amazing. So in an hour, I wrote a this I Believe speech. It had 297 words. There wasn’t any editing, there wasn’t any proof reading. And the next morning, I stood up, and I read it. It’s probably one of my favorite writing pieces I have written. I put my heart in it.

This year in school, the sophomores are required to write a This I Believe speech. When I heard we had to, I was ecstatic. I was getting another to chance to write another speech, that meant so much to me. This time around, I wrote about my beliefs on not letting your fears hinder your progress, your dreams. I have currently written two drafts for it. And the word count is much higher. But sometimes I have to think, about whether or not I really believe in this speech as much as I did my first one. Anyone who reads my current one, questions what my belief is, what point I’m trying to get across. But then I remind myself that I’ve never expected everyone to understand my pieces, because if they did, I don’t think you’re writing from the soul. Written pieces, are meant to be personal, and mine is. I continue to grow as a writer, learning how to correct mistakes and fix misspellings along the way. At the end of the day, during this process of writing my second This I Believe speech, I hold it in high regards, right next to the first.


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