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on October 16, 2011

I read. A lot. Like, a lot, a lot. I will read any genre, and this year, I feel as if I have expanded my selection of books due to the books I am required to read over the summer for school. I have never, in my life changed the strageties for how I read. I just read, CRAVEIQ confuses me, and I don’t like to question every little thing. I want my book to take me away, whether I’m in a clearing with Mr. Darcy, or going to fish parties with Georgia Nicolson. I’ve learned that when I read, I read according to my mood. I find it odd, most people would want to pick up a happy book when they’re in sad, I’m quite the opposite. What I find most interesting is picking that book that is such a challenge. I can read a 500 page book in a week, or a book in two hours. Finishing a book is thrilling, it’s basically life changing, because every time you finish a new book, you come away with a changed opinion or a new found interest. If I want adventure, I’ll read Peter Pan. If I’m the mood, I pick up a Sarah Dessen book, which I almost always do projects on. I have to pick books I can relate to, if I need to do a project. Over the summer I was asked to read Night by Ellie Wiesel. It’s a Holocaust book, one of the best well written ones I have ever read. But I always find it such a challenge to relate to something so horiffic. But when I’m asked to read such books for school, I feel as if every time I finish the book and the assignment, my skill at relating has grown. Which you will  forever need in life. Because empathy is something you should always have, even for the smallest of things. In many ways, reading has changed my life, almost as if the books I read, factor in to who I surround myself with.


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