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Speak up you, you say?

on October 16, 2011

Public speaking. Do I have to? Yes. Do I want to? Sure. Is it easy? Heck no. Public speaking has never been my strong suit. I have attended 4 Debatable and 1 Non-debatable Y-Conference(s), and I would like to be able to say it gets easier. But if you’re someone like me, sometimes the odds are against us. But the people I have met, and people I will continue to meet, encourage me to no end. So if I know the answer in class, I don’t feel my stomach twist into knots whenever I raise my hand. I’m no longer afraid to speak in group discussions. As the years go by, I find myself considering the all to very near future of having to narrow down my career choices. What I really and truly want, is to work for the F.B.I. Specifically, to work in the B.A.U. (the Behavioral Analysis Unit) Through this field, you do a lot of talking, you conduct or take part in meetings, and you work with a lot of strangers. I’ve grown from being the shy, little girl, into a confident, still short, woman.
I struggle with talking in class the most. Especially if it’s a class full of people I barely know. I can stand up in front of about 50 people, peoples whose first names I don’t even know, and I can talk. But maybe, it’s because after three days, I won’t see them for at least another four months. But I can’t face the same people, every day.
In English this year, we were asked to participate in a Socratic Circle. I was nervous, I figured it be just like seventh grade all over again, speaking up and contributing maybe once. But that day, I really surprised myself. I talked several times, well past the required amount. And I enjoyed it. I think I really owe that to my english teacher, for having an assignment like that. When I did similar assignments in the seventh grade, we weren’t asked to discuss things that I was well versed over. But this year, we were asked to talk about three books, that’s it. And I could do that, I could talk about any book I’ve read. Another thing was that my teacher didn’t insert herself into the discussion, unlike my seventh grade teacher. I feel like that is what the true world is like. In the real world, you don’t have someone talking you through things, inserting comments that ease things along.


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