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Growing Through the Days

on October 24, 2011

Hearing someone read their own speech, puts said speech into a new light. When you read it on paper, for yourself, it might just be words, that mean absolutely nothing to you. But hearing someone recite it, and hearing the different pitches that indicate emotions, it really makes you feel, if anything, something. I feel that I have grown as listener through that. I’m able to connect with the intensity of someones speaking, because you know that they are talking about something so important to them, and you in turn, have something that you feel just as strongly about.
I am growing as a speaker every time I attend a KYA/KUNA/LTC conference or meeting. I’m asked to speak, something that sounds so simple, yet is harder said than done.

 Through these conferences and meetings, I also grow as a listener, having to hear personal stories. When this happens, I hope to never feel sympathy, because that isn’t right, when you hear such deep, personal stories, you should want to be empathetic. You should want to understand.

I also think, that writing these blogs, I have grown as a writer, in the sense that I can type out opinions in a more organized way. Writing a blog is also yet another way, to express ones feelings/personal beliefs, which I am always up for if it’s in good nature.


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