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Reflect on Reading

on January 27, 2012

Reading this year has been a challenge. I haven’t had the time to just sit down and read. Of course, I have read things in school, such as Brave New World and the first three acts of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. BNW is not a book I would choose to read on my own. I’m not one for dystopian society books. My reading habits and strategies have not changed since last year. I have it in my head that they will never change. I like them the way they are, they help me get things done. I’ve learned that as a reader, I tend not to try as hard when I’m reading a book or something I don’t enjoy. I can read an article or a chapter in a text book, but to be asked to read an entire book, that I have no interest what so ever in, is such a challenge. That’s how I felt about BNW.

Reading things such as BNW has helped me reach my goals this year. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and reading books from my usual genres. To continue my goals, I’ve started picking up some other dystopian society books, such as Matched. I’m also reading, I suppose you could say murder mysteries now. Reading affects everything in more future. It’s something that I have fallen back on for reassurance since I was seven. Reading is like a best friend. The ultimate comfort.


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