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Reflect on Writing

on January 27, 2012

Writing? Is it any different than it was three months ago? Not really. Since then I have read a few more books. I’ve read Brave New World (BNW), and we had to keep a kind of double entry journal for each chapter we read.  I did not enjoy it, I’m going to be honest.  I can’t stand writing while reading. It distracts from the book, from the events, from the emotions and feelings that are trying to be portrayed. I’ve learned that doing all the entries after you have the book is a lot harder than trying to do it while reading the book. I want to continue to learn how to be more diligent and actually keep track of each entry, chapter by chapter.
We’ve also had to write plays in English since the last blogging we performed. It’s never really affected my goals, I’ve never had the urge to actually sit down and write a play. But I must admit, it was fun. I couldn’t get over the fact that you had the power to make a scene turn out any way you wanted it to. But everyone else’s were so somber or sad. I was sitting here with a chemistry comedy and not a tear shed in the play. My writing has definitely changed since last year. I put a lot more effort into the piece I’ll be writing. I find it fun now, even with the on-demands we have been doing. The prompts have been especially easy to write for. Because they’re something I could almost relate to, or feel strongly about. Where am I going from here? I’m embracing my poetry side for sure. I used to write quite a lot. I’m picking up my old hobby. The writing I’m doing now is definitely helping to shape the pieces I will continue to write in the future. I can only get better from here.


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